Your Daily Astrology: Sept. 29 for 09/29/22

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The time is not right for a meeting or brainstorming session at the moment. Opening up about your inner thoughts and feelings to others might be challenging. Try to realise your ideals.


A proposed business project may run into trouble or not get the help it needs. Don't make it a fight, because you're likely to find a solution next week.


Don't give in to temptation or use a card to buy something that might not live up to its advertising. When you have more money, you think you can buy more things.


You might not understand well-known people and things, so you should think twice before moving forward. Don't worry about things that aren't important.


Right now, you can be more sensitive to how people feel. But since people don't always say what they mean, it can still be hard to figure out what they are saying. 


Spend more time figuring out what's true and what's not. You might be interested in mysteries or glamorous fantasies for a short time. Take notes to use later. 


Most of the time, the facts speak for themselves. You can tell when someone is trying to make a bad or misleading situation sound better.


Getting in order Is an important way to get clear in your mind. Your mind reflects your world, and your world reflects your mind. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep things running well.

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